Friday, December 23, 2005

Presenting Yourself Faithful

This has got to be the most mushy blog out there! Well, I'm sure there are worse ones, but this is pretty mushy...

I have been reading "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy, and I'll tell you what: it has made a big impact on me! There is one chapter in there by Leslie where she shares her thoughts on the Proverbs 31 woman. More specifically, the verse about the woman doing her husband good and not harm ALL THE DAYS of her life. That means that even before they are married, the Proverbs 31 woman is faithful to her husband. But how can you be faithful to someone you probably have never met? It's much easier to get attached to some guy that is here right now and interested in you.

But think about this: your husband will be with you the rest of your life, hopefully, and he will want your entire heart. That's not selfish, it's cool! I mean, he cares so much about you that he wants you as pure as possible. If you store the treasure of your heart in God's hands, He will give you interest so that when you get married, your husband will have an entire blooming garden filled the most amazingly beautiful flowers for himself alone to enjoy.

I struggle with being faithful to my future husband because I am not married to him right now. If I don't know him, probably, how can I be faithful to him? But if you can't be faithful to your husband before you are married, how do you know you will be faithful when you are married? That doesn't mean you have to start, right now, being absolutely perfect in your faithfulness. But it does mean that you should ask God for His wisdom and steadying hand when relating to other guys. You can be friends with them, but save your heart for your husband.

You don't have to be perfectly faithful to your husband right now, but you should be practicing. It will be worth it. Your husband will appreciate what you've done for him, because you will be unique. In this age and time, it's nothing to give your heart to every guy that comes along that's interested in you. I mean, it is painful, but common. So save yourself. You will be a true treasure to your husband, and you will not have experienced so many heartaches.

If any guys are reading this right now, they are probably wishing they weren't. It's frightening what girls think, isn't it? But you guys are to be faithful as well. God has a special young lady out there, just waiting for you. You should respect other girls but save your attentions for your wife. If she could see you right now, would she feel honored? What if she's trying to be faithful to you, while you are out running around with other girls? Do you want to protect or hurt her? I hope you want to protect this very special young lady!

For everyone reading this, though, I would encourage you to look to Christ first. He created love so we could love Him. He created our desire for companionship, and He created our future spouse. But think about this: what if you never marry in this lifetime? Do you think God would appreciate it if you save your entire heart for Him? I think so! I am content with being single if that's what God has for me, because He IS the perfect lover. And some day we will be with Him forever! I can't wait!

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jennifer said...

Ah...I can see you are the reader of great stuff! Good for you! I have that book and enjoyed it thoroughly. Passion and Purity is still my reigning favorite in the dating category. I first read it when I was in college...and that was over ten years ago. Funny...the truths in it only seemed to get more certain with the passage of time and the gaining of wisdom.