Saturday, December 10, 2005

What Is This Big Fuss About? Part I
Why these problems with music? Why does everyone argue over music? Or worse yet, not even touch the issue because they know they'll get burned? I'm not claiming to have the answers because I haven't listened to all the genres out there, and I personally am not a fan of much music that my peers like. But I still believe there is an issue to be discussed.
Some people claim that music today is the devil's own music. Is that REALLY true? Have we allowed Satan complete control over the music industry? I think not! I don't think Satan has complete control over anyone or anything until that person gets to hell. And I don't think God is going to let Satan take control of anything here on earth. It is true that he is lord of this world, but God is ultimately in control (take a look at Job). But we aren't discussing Satan...are we?
I set before you this opinion: classical music is not any more "good" than 21st Century contemporary music. I mean, classical was contemporary for a lot of people! But the composers were just as much sinners as those who write music today. Sure, classical music appeals to some people more than others, but it doesn't mean that those who prefer it, or those that don't, are necessarily wrong. I mean, who is saying you have the only right choices?

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