Friday, January 13, 2006

A Movie Star
You know, sometimes I wonder: how amazing are actresses and singers like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears? There is the moral issues that they apparently have, of faithfulness and modestly, but I believe there are other qualities that they seem to lack, but no one really sees. They are the types of women men desire, but no one seems to be able to point out that the emperor has no clothes: in other words, there's more to a true woman than just cleavage, being on a television screen and lots of ex-husbands.
Those women must be miserable! There is no purpose to their lives except maybe money, fame, and their kids. They are publicized all the time, yet no one sees how much they lack. Girls today want to be like these women because they are popular.
Yet these women struggle more than a lot of us do, just because of public pressure. Not only that, but Satan seems to be rampant in their lives. How sad. When I consider their fate and their current situation, my humble life seems so rich.
However, this is not to address their sad life, but to address the richness of a true woman's life. You might not have been allowed to get that shirt or dress you liked so much, but think how much more precious you are to your husband for your modesty! You might not want to load and unload the dishwasher, mop the floors or vacuum the carpet, yet the fact that you work with your hands is really cool. Your husband will appreciate it, and you have a treasure for him!
You know how to work with your hands like the Proverbs 31 woman. Do you remember what the final verses are? "Many will rise up and call her blessed..." Even if you don't marry, others will surely hail you as a true, godly woman.
I personally struggle with being content: there are so many more exciting things out there in life like going to parties all the time, being with one's friends, having lots of sleepovers, maybe even having a few boyfriends. Yet God consecrates his chosen ones to serve His purpose. And when we see how shallow and futile life's pleasures are, His purpose seems marvellous. He has our ultimate good in mind, and He is much kinder and more loving than ANYONE here on earth.
Girls, we are called to be women of God. That means being modest, faithful, humble, hard-working, patient, etc. But most of all, it means serving Him in whatever way He calls us. Our life may not be as glamorous as the women you see on television, but I can guarantee that it's a lot happier with God in it.
Not only do I think a godly life is happier than your average actress, but I think it is much more exciting. You have a purpose, a reason for the life you are living. The life they are living right now is like a movie that goes on and on without any reason. Our movie is much more exciting. We are doing new and exciting things every day, growing a little more in God every moment.
Your average movie star usually doesn't try to be modest or graceful, patient or humble. They don't need to be, because everyone has to be so towards them. They are the elites.
Yet, a life filled with selfishness is one of the most horrid, empty ones you could live. If you've ever tried to get everyone to do everything for you or even had someone willing to serve you for an entire day, you know what I mean. We are not worthy of having others serve us. Rather, we should serve others.
Don't you get a thrill out of serving someone and they notice? They say thank you in the kindest way, and you feel like you have been Christ to them. It's harder when they aren't thankful and you still serve them, but that is more Christ than when you are recognized.
Those movie stars may be the sole focus of everyone else, but you get to lavish devotion on others. They get to be on the center screen, but you get to be the main actor in your life. And it's a much more worthy movie, I can tell you!
If this posting seems to rant, please forgive me. It's so hard to be articulate when you have so many feelings about the subject!


jennifer said...


Thank you for commenting on my site and for the compliments. I absolutely LOVE this post! You seem to have such wisdom for one so young. I so thankful that you love our Lord and can see beyond the "veil" of this world. True beauty lies within...though as women we still want our "outsides" to be found attractive. That is a struggle that we inherited with our sin nature.."And your desire will be for your husband."

Have you read Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge? I think you would love it!

Thanks again for commenting. I plan to come back to your blog frequently.


Kim Anderson said...

I know I feel sorry for those poor actresses! I'm going to start a fund to benefit actresses who can't afford a whole dress!