Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ROFLOL! I love

So I decided my last post (actually written last night, not today) was too depressing. So everyone else needs to know what's going on in my life, what happened yesterday, and what is going to happen. :-D

(I laughed so hard at this picture, I think I disturbed everyone in the general vicinity...)

Yesterday. Was Tuesday. What more can I say? I stayed up until 11ish the night before working on post-labs, pre-labs, and in-between-labs (:-P). I DID get the data I had been freaking about, although I THOUGHT that a 700% yield of a compound was a little much... Then I got up (later than I was expecting--what can I say? I don't like getting up at 5:30!!!), went to school, finished all my pre-, post-, and half-labs. ...Barely.

I rushed into Biology lecture in time to hear my teacher explaining what groups we were going to be in. Good thing I didn't miss THAT lecture! We actually had a really fun time going off and researching C. diff. PLUS I got 3 extra points for my exam. That's always nice... :-/

Next I rushed to my Chemistry lab, only to discover that I had thrown my goggles away along with the remnants of my lunch (just a plastic bag--don't worry, folks, I haven't changed into some weirdo that only eats half her sandwich). Well, I thought I had thrown them away. Turns out the goggles decided to go into hiding underneath all my textbooks... Smart move, I thought.

Chemistry lab was really pretty fun. My lab partner and I figured out that 58.9% is a much more reasonable for percent yield, rather than 700% (GOSH!), and then we all learned about the characteristics of acids and bases, did some titrations, and made pretty colors. (Why IS it that when someone flirts with you, they insult you??? It's like insulting is a love language or something...)

(Yes, I am being random. Questions? I had coffee this morning.)

Biology lab was next. I actually had time to read ahead while I was sitting there waiting, because Chemistry lab got out a little early and Biology lab is supposed to start 10 minutes after Chemistry lab ends. (That's confusing... Let's just say I had time to read.) We examined our spit and looked at other fascinating bacteria. I was really tired, so it wasn't quite as much fun as it could have been. :-(

I slept on the way home...

Then worked out...

Then was so freaking tired that I couldn't go to bed until 10:30. I am so much like my father when it comes to staying up because I am tired. Yikes.

Benefits of being tired: I watched a documentary on Islamic extremists called "Obsession" and folded all my laundry...from Monday, but we don't talk about laundry timelines. That would be, like, airing my dirty laundry. (Sorry... I think the pun didn't work that time...)

Yesterday was enough for this post. I desperately need to work on that Bible study. Ah, homework... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting update on your life Allegra. and I totally know what you mean about being so tired that you actually stay up.