Friday, January 11, 2008

So yes, Lydia posted on her blog. I feel so behind on things. Of course, I am in general. Life is so OVERWHELMING right now!!!! Guess it's part of being an oldest child and having the personality (freaking out over everything) that I do.

But here is the news: WE HAVE A BABY!!!!!! He doesn't have a name yet (I know...), but he was borh January 9, 2008, at 3:26 p.m. He was 8 lbs, 1/2 oz, and 20 1/2 inches long. He's so handsome!!!! (Yes, I'm biased, but I've also seen quite a few newborns, and he's remarkably good-looking for one).

WOOOOOOOOOT! *cough* Ahem. Yes, maturity. Mom, preceding this amazing occurence, was pregnant all summer, and now we have a baby and a very tired mom. :P Okay, all of us are tired.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, all three girls went out to Salt Lake City for a speech and debate qualifier. Everyone kept warning me that the baby could be born while we were gone, but I really didn't believe it (riiiight, you may be thinking--hindsight is 20-20...). I also knew it was going to be a boy...which it is... Okay, so I was pretty sure about all this. Just ask everyone I told about it. :D

So we went to a looooong speech and debate qualifier (stress #1). On the way back home from our friends' house (who took us to Utah), our car broke down (stress #2). School started the next 6:30...and we got to bed at 11:30 pm... (stress #3).

THEN Mom went to the hospital Monday night, thinking she was going to have him (stress #4). She didn't that night, but it didn't make life easier, and it snowed, so we didn't go to school (stress #5). Now she's had the baby, and I'm in charge of all my siblings (stress #6).

But God is good. He is doing so much. I'm growing, I hope. He is amazing!

With that, I leave you. Lydia should be posting pictures, and I'll try to do so as well when I get another moment. I'm pretty tired right now, though, so this might not make a lot of sense. Your prayers (and rejoicing) would be wonderful.


Mark Watson said...

He is _so_ cute! I'm jealous of him.

Sarah B said...


It goes in *breath*, and out *exhale*.

Being in charge of all the siblings is tough (I did it for months before the tournament). Just remember that you're *not* mom, and they probably won't respect you if you try to play mom. Be a firm big sister, and they might react better.

I'm dying to see pictures!

Praying for you...


Mark Watson said...

Gosh, I'm so glad I don't have an older sister.

N8 said...

sounds stressful...

Sarah B said...

"Gosh, I'm so glad I don't have an older sister."

Be gladder you don't have 5 *younger* siblings!

Allegra said...

Oy vey. Sarah and Mark, don't even start. Mark, how do you manage to argue with every girl you know? GOSH!!!! Sarah, be nice. You pick fights so easily too.

Mark actually does have 5 *younger* siblings, and he's an excellent big brother. :P

Allegra said...

Oh, and my siblings do a pretty good job of obeying, as long as I don't boss them around too much. They're quite amazing, really. I'm so blessed!!!!

Sarah B said...

Ah.. the world of the NCFCA.

You often don't realize that people you know have any siblings below the age of 12.

Me... picking fights??? NEVER! *halo*


K-9 said...

Yeah, for a while I thought Susanna and Benjamin where the only kids in their family. I was WRONG!

To quote a friend "[Sarah] your halos looking a little tarnished over there"

Yes, I know, now I'm picking fights, and I should quit

Allegra said...

Yeah, whatever, Sarah. :P I know that you miss having a baby in the house (referring to your comment on a different post). I did too. After Ben was born, though, so much happened. Two years later, Dad has his cancer, and afterwards, I thought we would never have any babies in the house again. That was reiterated by the fact that last summer Mom lost one. This child is a blessing that I cannot even begin to describe. That is why his name is Peter Emmaus. Both are special, both are in the Bible.