Friday, August 10, 2007

Wow, it seems like I’ve really left y’all in the dark recently. What’s that about getting back into blogging faithfully? Hah! Yeah, well... I’m sorry!

So this week has been pretty different. I didn’t work at all during most of the week, and even then, I was going to be working different hours (8 pm to close) on Friday and Saturday. (Pardon my strange manner of writing—you shall find, in just a minute, just why I’m so dingy.) However, yesterday at lunchtime, we went to work out and then grabbed some sandwiches from Wendy’s. That was a mistake...

Let’s just say that my oh-so-persuasive (oh, and let’s not forget REALLY nice) manager told me that they were having everyone possible working that hadn’t started school yet (they didn’t know that I hadn’t started yet), were using managers for sandwiches *gasp*, and even had brought in people from another Wendy’s store so that they could survive the rush hours. Being the one that always loves to help (Tami, I can sooooo relate to you now in jumping into projects, although I guess I could before—this post just emphasizes it. :-P), I said I could work from 6 pm until whenever... So I ended up closing, which put me getting home and in bed at 2 this morning. Ugh.

So I am very tired (and am finding a pattern of starting all my sentences with “so...”), and I get to do this tonight and tomorrow night. RUUUUUUNNNNNN!!! It’s going to be interesting. If I can’t survive being a nurse and doing those midnight shifts, this may be the time to tell. Maybe I’ll go into something teaching!

Oh, and I’m talking solely about myself. And everything sounds weird. Aaagh! (Just getting up from a “nap” makes things weird, too.)

I hope your week has been much better! Is everybody started or looking forward to starting school? Being the sick child that I am, I’m so excited about starting. It’s going to be pretty weird doing classes at CTU, but the kids there seem pretty nice already.

Signing off before I get QWERTYUIOPitis, (and if you don’t know how you get that, it’s by falling asleep on the keyboard...)



Sarah said...

Is THAT why you haven't responded to my e-mail? Tsk, tsk.

(I'm kidding!!)

The house has been empty here, only two siblings home right now. So things have been quiet.

You'll make it girl! Just sleep in late, and ignore all requests to make meals at home.

Dakota said...

Hehehe......being homeschooled (or close to it) during the school year can make you a very desirable employee. ;) Hope you managed to keep up!

Allegra said...

Actually, dear Sarah, I don't usually ignore requests to make meals... Mom has actually gotten frustrated with me when I made meals before going to work! AAAGH! You can't please parents! :P

Thanks, Dakota! I was able to keep up and hope such will be the case with the rest of the school year. Hope you enjoy Michigan! It's going to be so weird without all these speech and debate seniors this year!!!

N8 said...

Wow! I need to catch up on the blogging!

I'm sure glad the Sprint store isn't open as late as Wendys... That doesn't sound like fun.

Hope you can find time to sleep sometime!