Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My problems seem so trivial sometimes. Compared with a young person in Rwanda, who lives without running water or other luxuries that we enjoy; compared with a young woman in Iraq who lives in and is used to daily violence, what are my sufferings?

...Compared to nine wonderful kids who just lost their brother who was only 19...

It is with great joy and yet deep sorrow that I announce that the young man we had been praying for for over two years, the young man with a brain tumor, named Ezekiel Wetlesen, died last night. It is a joyful moment because he now has a new body, one without cancer, one in which he can joyfully praise the Lord. With deep sorrow because we will all miss him.

I have to admit that I really admired Zeke even before I knew he had cancer. When he and his family first started coming to our old church, he stood head and shoulders above almost everyone else, yet he didn't really stand out. If anything, his humility was always obvious. (Perhaps that's because he slouched most of the time, fearing to be conspicuous because of his height.)

I have to admit that I thought he was pretty good looking. He loved little kids, too - especially his little brother, Othniel. For one so outgoing as myself, though, I never got up the courage to say more than maybe five words to him at a time...there were maybe a total of five times when I did so, too. He was very shy.

We are going to miss him, and I barely knew him. I know his family would appreciate your prayer right now.


Jonathan M said...

Wow that's really sad, Allegra. I'll be sure to pray for the family. At least we know where he is at. My Aunt died of cancer a few years ago after suffering for two or three years. I know what you are very sad, but at the same time joyous that they are out of their pain.

Thanks for commenting again on my blog. Yes, I don't support Brownback's anti-deathpenalty stance, but overall he seems better than Guiliani, Romney and most of the other canidates.

Jonathan M said...

PS. I've linked you

Allegra said...

Jonathan, thanks for linking me! I'll have to do the same for you.

Oh, that really is hard to have someone die from cancer, especially if they have little ones depending on them.

Check out what Gregory (friend of mine in debate) forwarded to me regarding a Mike Huckabee (from a Jonathon!):

First, Mike Huckabee is refreshingly Christian. [] He was a three year Lt. Gov. and ten year Gov. of Arkansas. When he left baptist pastoring to enter politics, he said, "I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ," He also explained, "'I didn't get into politics because I thought government had a better answer. I got into politics because I knew government didn't have the real answers, that the real answers lie in accepting Jesus Christ into our lives.'" (source for both quotations: Here is a revealing video of Huckabee addressing pastors: It is so good and so rare to hear a man of God in an anti-God arena.

Second, Huckabee is real; and, therefore, resonates. The last republican debate is a great example of his ability to resonate with conservatives. ( However, he can also resonate with democrats. In Arkansas, where over 80 percent of the legislature were democrat, he won Lt. Gov twice and Gov three times. He also won over 40 percent of the African American vote more than once. One liberal columnist noted, "There may not be a single major issue on which we agree..." Though she promises not to vote for him, she couldn't help but compliment, "Huckabee, 51, has the air of the nice neighbor who wanders by to discuss your crabgrass problem. "I'm a conservative," he said, "but I'm not mad at anybody about it."" The title of her article: "Huckabee adds depth to GOP debates, Conservative cares about issues facing average Americans" ( Mike's just a nice caring gentleman. This is him on liberal Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, receiving applause ( Here is a video of him at this year's NEA Convention, receiving applause ( Mike resonates - even with some who might call themselves liberals.

Third, Huckabee is an eloquent advocate.We need a president who can sell the right ideas to the American public. In this video, he clearly articulates his various policy views. ( ) Here he rallies supporters. ( He can turn around difficult questions into stellar expositions
( For an entire interview, watch him in these videos shine through a long Meet The Press inquisition. (
( Or, for his performance in a less hostile conversation, listen to his chat with NPR. ( He would make a dream president because he can convincingly communicate the right ideas (unlike sadly our current president).

Fourth, Huckabee delivers.
He evidences a firm grasp of sound leadership principles. ( He staunchly defended gun rights. ( Mike Huckabee supported the successful effort to affirm marriage in the Arkansas constitution. ( Huckabee signed various bills protecting life from conception. ( As governor, he lobbied for and signed one of the best homeschool laws in the country. ( He signed covenental marriage law and promoted its use. ( This video gives another example of Huckabee's political (and personal)
leadership - health:

Home School Legal Defense Assocation concluded their historic
endorsement with these words:
"It is far safer for an organization like ours to sit silently on the sidelines for a long time. But, it is our judgment that we must get behind a conservative candidate who will provide a viable option to Hillary. Moreover, many of us have waited a long time for a presidential candidate who is a truly qualified and articulate man who shares our values down to his core. Mike Huckabee entered politics for the same reason that most of us began homeschooling. He wants a future that is grounded upon timeless values. We think that the time is now. Please support Mike Huckabee."

Also, see New Man (Christian) magazine's endorsement:

God Bless,

PS: His site again is

N8 said...

Wow, I'm sorry to here that. How is the rest of the family holding up?

Allegra said...

I think they're doing okay. Honestly, we haven't talked to them since he died... Guess we're trying to give them some room to breathe... I miss them, though! Thanks for asking!