Monday, July 16, 2007! I'm exhausted. But that's pretty normal of working people, I've been told. Hope everyone else is not feeling too much under the gun!

Today was Monday. Need I say more? We had three people staffing the entire Wendy's restaurant at one point. After hearing what the order at the drive-thru was, I'd quickly pull together a bag with everything the customer needed, throw together any needed sandwich, and then rush back to the window and pretend like I had nothing better to do than serve them. yeah, it was crazy. Supper time was nuts, too--I worked 1/2 hour later than I was supposed to because orders were coming through non-stop with no one else to put together these sandwiches except myself. AAAAAAAAAGH!

Now that I'm done whining...okay, well, not quite. My back still hurts. After great encouragement from my sister and another friend (thanks, you two-I'm really dreading tomorrow :P), I'm going in to the chiropracter's tomorrow at noon to get my back cracked. Oh, joy.

So my work schedule this week is as follows:
Monday: 2-7pm Tuesday: 2-7pm Wednesday: 1-7pm Thursday: 11:30-1:30pm Friday: 2-7pm

Come in and see me - preferably during my break or right before I get off. I'd love to see a friendly face!!!

Now that I've finished whining - really - what has your week been like so far?


Anonymous said...

Getting your back cracked can be very good! But, when you have 6 kids, one mom, for 2 and 1/2 hours to get to the chiropractor and back, it can be annoying. (That was the gist of my afternoon today.)

Hehe, I felt like you did after work just getting dinner on today.

You can do it tomorrow! Just think one order at a time...

Praying for ya!


Tamara said...

Craziness! I've been there with the fast food insanity--I feel your pain! Hang in there. Some of the most stressful, horrible jobs I've had have been the times when God's really shown me His faithfulness and presence. I remember one day I was REALLY hating my job when I remembered an article I'd read about a young persecuted Christian who asked for prayer for a job so he could support his family. THAT whacked me over the heart!
Hopefully you won't be feeling pain after the backer cracker! They are my favorite people--I think they're really angels.
I'll be praying for your day! Love ya!

Allegra said...

Thanks, you two! I guess you made up for anything the other two said. :P I really appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

S, did you feel better after going to the chiropracter's? Ugh, I'm sorry to hear you felt like I did just getting dinner on. I'm praying for you, too! :)

Tamara, thanks SO MUCH for your encouragement! Hmm...angels in disguise...guess it's better than the alternative, eh? ;)

I love you two ladies! You are truly special!!! Hope your days go well-really well-too.

N8 said...

Wow! Sounds crazy over there! I hope your trip to the backer cracker went well. I really don't mind getting my back re-aligned, but when they have to pop my neck back in place, it kind of stinks....
chiropractor: "try to relax"
chiropractor: "that's better!"