Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Marriage: The Path to Happiness or Holiness?

Is marriage about happiness or holiness? I often see it as a way to achieve the happiness I do not have at home with the people in my family. I have been created with this desire for romance, for excitement, and for true love. Somehow I think this will all be attained in marriage.

Any married people reading this are probably laughing right now. "She's REALLY got her head in the clouds, doesn't she?" you may be asking. Yeah, actually it's in the stars, but...

Marriage is a beautiful thing. God created it, and God created all things well. However, sin makes things ugly and disfigured. So how can marriage be more about making people holy? Well, we have to learn how to deal with another human being who is even closer to us than anyone else before (hopefully). We have to learn how to put up with their faults, work with them, and love them.

It seems impossible after a while. After seeing the multiple arguments that my parents get into, the ways they misunderstand each other, the ways they work together, and the ways they manage to raise kids and not kill them in the process, PLUS growing spiritually, convinces me that there is something more. Some Higher Power enables them to do what they do and do it well.

Marriage is about making people holy, not making them happy.


Josh said...

well put.

on my blog I have for my music an online radio station so that I have variety.

Did your sister delete her blogs?

WebN8 said...

Very true, but I think God also had happiness in mind when he created marriage, after all, doesn't holiness bring joy to those who find it?


Allegra said...

Yes, I believe you're right. Marriage can (and I hope will) be a very happy union to those who start out realizing that marriage is not just about making them happy. I think the problem today is that people like movie stars think marriage is about making them happy, not about finding and (hopefully) fixing their problems. I'm not much of one to talk, but...

You are right, though: true happiness comes from knowing that we are doing what God wants us to do. Now to do that schoolwork that He wants me to do... :S

Allegra said...

By the way, Josh, my sis didn't delete her blogs...check out