Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Get Out and Vote!!!

This is an announcement to let all Colorado people know what I think about the Doug Lamborn vs. Jay Fawcett campaign for the 5th Congressional District, which would take Senator Joel Hefley's seat in the United States Congress. I hope to represent a large portion of the Christian Coalition, which Fawcett uses against Lamborn...Last Saturday, October 14, 2006, my sisters, mother and I attended a debate between Lamborn and Fawcett. As a debater, I set aside my personal views to judge the debate as fairly as possible and make an informed decision between the two candidates. I came away stunned.

Why stunned? Doug Lamborn had won by simply being quiet. Of course, he hadn't been silent throughout the entire debate--he had answered the questions posed to both candidates and refuted Fawcett's arguments--for the most part. However, Fawcett had used so many logical fallacies throughout his speeches that I came away thinking that he must be desperate.

Jay Fawcett constantly attacked Doug Lamborn, frustrating the part of the audience that was not firmly attached to Fawcett. In addition to attacking Lamborn in many cruel ways (logical fallacy of ad hominem), he also used the logical fallacy of appeal to the people, saying that he's attended Focus on the Family, Ted Haggard's church (also known as New Life Church), and the Gay Pride Festival. In doing so, however, he shot himself in the foot. Everyone supporting the former probably doesn't support the latter, and vice-versa.

Doug Lamborn may not be the world's next Patrick Henry in his fiery speeches, but Fawcett's attacks were just painful. If I had been in Fawcett's place and made the arguments he made, ANY judge would have decided I had lost that round. Attacking the opponent instead of the argument and trying to appease everyone just doesn't cut it. I urge everyone out there to vote for Doug Lamborn on November 7th, no matter what party you're affiliated with.


WebN8 said...

Wow! Sounds like a Fawcett of fallacys! hee hee hee hee!

ok I'm done :-D


Allegra said...

LOL! That was a good one!