Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Journal of the Rocky Mountain Classic
Tomorrow Begins The Tournament!
By Allegra Tschappler
I am kind of worried about the RMC today, but not as bad as in the past. Lydia and I still need to work on our debate case and our speeches, but it's not that stressful. I thank God for this lack of stress, but I'm wondering why it's not there...hmm. Maybe it's a psychological illness one gets right before one passes out. :-)
Just think: It could be so much worse than it is.
Scenario 1: You are at the RMC, getting ready to debate, when you suddenly realize you're wearing pajamas! That was what my dream was about last night, and I've got to tell you--not wearing pajamas suddenly seems like a blessing. Funny how small things can be so assuring, isn't it?
Scenario 2: You are hospitalized with brain cancer. We know a family with ten kids. The third child was hospitalized a year ago with brain cancer, and he's still alive. He was given a two year life, but God has spared him thus far, and we believe he will continue to live.
This young man (well, he's older than I am, but still a teenager) wants to be a teacher, and he wants to teach math! He's got his plans laid out, and this has come, I believe, as a result of his cancer. He wants to DO something with his life, and I don't blame him.
How many of us are trying to get an education so that we can DO something when we're grown? Why can't we DO something RIGHT NOW? God has not given us eternity to witness to others--just the short period of life here on earth.
It doesn't take a scientist to see that we can witness while we're still young. In fact, when we're young, we have a better platform because people are willing to listen to us. We've got a life outside of getting an education and becoming an adult, and we need to take it and DO something with it!
Hey, we might not win, but we are building a platform to talk to others. In fact, some kids that might be at the RMC might not even be Christians. They may just be there because their parents are Christians and they were forced into it. They might have even wanted to join speech and debate and came here because they were homeschooled but still not be Christians. Use this opportunity to get out there and witness. Like Delbert says in Treasure Planet, "This is the chance of a lifetime, and now my heart is screaming out at me: Go, Delbert! Go, Delbert!"

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Joanna said...

Good idea, Allegra! I haven't started a journal of RMC. I think I may leave the computer at home and just take notes on a pad of paper during the tournament. See you soon, Lord willing! ~Joanna