Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Journal of the Rocky Mountain Classic
2 Days Until Tournament
By Allegra Tschappler
Oh my gosh, I cannot believe the RMC is the day after tomorrow! It's less than two days, actually. Scary stuff.
Today, we did pretty much nothing on our speeches or debate case. Instead, we went up to Denver and had lunch with our dad at Bayou Bob's. Good food, and Lydia and I stressed less than we could have. Unfortunately, we still felt literally sick every time we thought about the nearness of the RMC.
After eating a lovely meal with a lovely family, Dad went back to the office, and we went to Claire's. We got some stuff for Esther as well as some junk for Lydia and I, in preparation for the RMC and Esther's birthday, of course. Then we went and splurged even more by having shakes, riding the trolley, going to Goodwill, and getting a few necessities at Wal Mart. On the drive home, I enjoyed playing with Ben and tickling him (fun stuff!).
No, I'm not trying to make any of you dear readers and fellow sufferers jealous, but it does bring up an important observation: Time is precious, and we choose how to spend it. We can spend it worrying about a speech and debate tournament that is only three days long, or we can spend some of it with our families. The choice, my dear reader, is up to you.
I also spent some time just talking to God. It's a little more difficult to do when you're studying health courts or the negative effects of the litigation system. He lovingly reminded me that we are only breaths on the wind, and that our purpose here on earth is to become stronger in our relationship with Christ and show others the way to Him. What a cool day, and what a realization to come away with!!
P.S. This kitten facing the tree is how I feel facing the RMC! :-)

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