Monday, October 31, 2005

The Ultimate Love from the Ultimate Lover
Is God really in control of me? Of my life? Of my family? Of the world around me? We say He is, but is He really? That is the issue I have been struggling with for the past month or so. You see, my schoolwork has started piling up, and there's no time for Him. But there is a time! I have my own personal walks with Him when I'm doing P.E. There isn't much to do when you're walking around the same four acres over and over, so I have turned to God. As usual, as a last resort, but He's still there, waiting for me.
What an awesome concept! The God who created the universe, created the beautiful mountains, the fall colors, the snow and the happiness we feel sometimes is pursuing you and me. He's jealous of me! He wants me to have a relationship with Him, first and foremost. When you think about that, no one else is good enough.
You see, when we get married, we as humans argue and fight with the one we love so dearly. The sad thing is that they fight back. They are just as human as we are, and they want to get justice. But when we turn away from God, ignoring Him, He woos us back again. If we don't listen to His soft, gentle voice, He will get harder on us. But He doesn't force us to Him.
Guys and girls are fundamentally different: girls are more emotional, and guys are more physical. For me as a girl, there's only one perfect guy out there. He listens to me, He comforts me when I'm scared, He doesn't make fun of me. That's God.
Going back to the marriage thing: I'm not saying marriage is bad, but God is the one you should first give your heart to before any guy or girl.
What does a fifteen-year-old girl really know about marriage, though? I'm not married, but I've watched married couples interact. No one is perfectly happy in their relationship with their spouse. They argue sometimes. One talks badly of the other. One doesn't fulfill the desires of the other. I'm sure there are plenty of other things, but those are the main three. Isn't it sad? I mean, almost everyone expects THEIR marriage to be better than anyone else's. Girls get starry-eyed just thinking about it, and guys wonder what it will be like (of course, writing from a girl's perspective, it's hard to say what guys expect and act like).
The parents of the starry-eyed teenagers, and other adults around them are rather sad. They know that when the kids go off and get married, it won't be what they expected. They will have their share of arguments with the one they so dearly love. And yet youth is not something to be scoffed at.
But back to God. Our relationship (marriage, if you will) with God is an odd one. I mean, where in this world do you find someone who waits just for you to talk to them? Guys don't even always WANT to talk! But God longs for us to chat with Him on a per-minute basis. Where do you find someone, who, when you find fault with Him, doesn't stop loving you for a minute? When you rebel, He is there waiting for you to confess what you've done.
I could go on, but time is getting short, and my point has been made: God is an awesome lover. There is none like Him. There will be constant disappointments in life, but He will never let you down. What an awesome God we have!

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