Monday, April 23, 2007

Well, Regionals is over. It was quite a tournament. I didn't know how we were all going to fit into that church, but it's pretty darn big!

Wednesday we signed in, went to Student Orientation, and then I went to the community service award thing at the hoedown. The winners were debate partners last year. That was kind of ironic.

Thursday we debated and watched speeches. Esther and I went against Ford/Yeates *again* as Aff. We lost. They're good--they both got speaker awards.

Then we debated Berghen/Olson as Neg. We lost again. I'd put it all up to a cranky judge (though I'm not really supposed to be that way), but they did make it pretty far in outrounds, I believe. We had never even heard of or thought of their case...which made evidence (which the judge noticed a lack of on my part) hard to come by.

The third round of the day was really nice. We got a bye--an automatic win and a break. I watched Larson/Malenke "cream" their opponents (I say "cream" b/c the judge thought otherwise. *sigh*). They're incredible.

After that debate, we hung out and watched Danny's DI along with a few others. Our moms kind of missed us...oops...

Friday we debated Groenevelt/Liddiard and were Aff. The judge said it was a hard decision, but we lost. Oh well. I didn't have a problem losing to them.

Then we debated Bryce/Nadeau (who just happened to be staying at our house, and who's younger sister just happens to be a really good friend of mine) and were Neg. Mark and David watched us, and David gave comments. I'm still waiting to hear what Mark thought of it. We won that round. We actually beat the team that got 3rd place at RMC. Weird.

The last round of the day was against Anderson/Dasher, and this time we were Neg. Last time we debated them, we were Aff, and they beat us...but I got first speaker. This time we beat them...and I got first speaker. :)

Everyone was so gracious about winning and about losing. I was honored to be able to go up to the people we had debated and still be friends with them (if not more so than we were before we debated). God was truly good to us. I had an incredible time.


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Mark Watson said...

The church is big, and quite confusing. I still don't know how I got out alive. I almost needed a search party to get me out in a few instances.

I'm sorry you and your sister didn't break. I know your sister and Hillary really wanted to qual...

I'll email you my comments. Although I don't know if I'll remember everything because I didn't flow. I should have just told you there ;-).

Allegra said...

Pinkster, yes, it was fun.

Mark, I know what you mean about the church. We sure got our exercise! Now no one can accuse homeschoolers (at least, the ones that were participating) of being out of shape! Thanks for the comments.