Sunday, March 26, 2006

Journal of the Rocky Mountain Classic
4 Days Until Tournament
By Allegra Tschappler
Today is Sunday. It should be a day of rest, but I'm pretty much just freaking out! Isn't that inspiring for you possible future debaters?
Lydia's and my decision has come to this: we don't care if we win. We don't care if we lose. We just want to have a blast, and I think we will. Especially since we're staying with the world's most awesome family!
We are planning on sharing everything so that we'll have less junk to carry around. I mean, if you had to carry around a debate box (which is about 25 pounds right there) times two (we each have one), wouldn't you want to go light on the clothes and junk?
Lydia hasn't been feeling all that well anyway, so I am praying we will be in top-shape when this thing comes around...which it will be doing, whether or not we like it! EEP!
How's that for a closer look at debate prep? Actually, we really are preparing. Lydia and I are planning to write SEVERAL negative briefs on generic cases tomorrow, taking the evidence from other negative briefs in other sources and putting them into one nice, neat, and spiffy package. How's that for exciting?
As well as having good intentions for preparing for debate, we are also frantically working on memorization for our speeches, as well as fixing up any glitches we may have in them. It's exciting, but the time crunch is getting scary. Can't.....breathe.....

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