Monday, March 20, 2006

Facts vs. Fiction
A report from the front in Iraq
By Karl Zinsmeister
Part II
(Article taken from The American Enterprise: March 2006 edition)
But aren't our losses mounting?
In the last ten months of 2003, Iraq hostilities claimed 324 U.S. servicemembers. In 2004, 710 were lost. In 2005, total fatalities were 712. Troops wounded in action are down from 7,920 in 2004 to 5,961 in 2005.
Deaths of foreign civilians in Iraq have also tumbled: In 2004, 196 were killed in 2005 the toll was 104.
Economic losses are also moderating. Attacks carried out on oil and gas facilities in Iraq can serve as an indicator of this. There were 146 such attacks in 2004, versus 101 in 2005.
Meanwhile, the estimated number of terrorists killed or detained in Iraq was 24, 470 in 2004, and 26, 500 in 2005.

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