Thursday, January 26, 2006

ABORTION: One Tiny Word, So Much Controversy
This topic is directly related to my other blog, The Health Racquet, because we are talking about Post Abortion Syndrome as well as abstinence programs. But what is the deal? When you hear the word abortion, most people have little red flags that pop up in their heads. But WHY? Because, and I'll give you a simple reason here, it's murder.
You see, when an abortion is committed, the mother typically doesn't know that the thing inside her is actually a living being, and those that are about to perform the murder don't want her to know. So it's murder without consent because the mother doesn't know it's murder. If a woman does know that the thing inside her is actually a child, she becomes attached to him/her because she knows it's her child...and no mother can hate her child.
It breaks my heart when a teenage girl goes in for an abortion because she has made a wrong choice, though. Why does this happen? She's a smart girl, but she made a wrong decision. However, she doesn't know that she was wrong because everyone else is sleeping around, so why shouldn't she do it?
A lot of girls don't know that sleeping around is wrong because their parents have done it before or just don't get involved in their lives like they need to. These girls end up on their own with a baby before too long. But this seemingly hopeless situation can be fixed. Girls can be educated through abstinence programs so they don't discover the heartwrenching effects of post-abortion syndrome and STDs.
One program that we have here in Colorado Springs is called Life Network. If you just go to my other blog (when the article on Team Engage--a part of Life Network gets published!), I have more information on these touchy topics.

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jennifer said...

Hi Allegra,

I really like this blog and this post. Another blogger wrote a post about abortion along with some really in-your-face pics. You can check out his blog from mine--his Massachusetts Conservative Christian. You will have to search his back posts to find it. I think it is one of the first few that he did.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! It is refreshing to see a young woman who loves my Lord!