Monday, November 14, 2005


God loves me. I am beautiful in His eyes. He is actually pursuing me, longing for me to love Him with my whole heart. He is better than the most romantic young man because He loves me purely and because He made me. When we ladies look for "the perfect man", we are really looking for God. He can fill this desire for love in us better than the sweetest, kindest, strongest of men. Not that those men are bad! Not by any means. But God can make us happy all our days. He does not disappoint us or turn into a total stranger the day after the wedding. He is the same throughout the ages and will be the same forever. When we get old and gray, He loves us just as much as when we are in our prime. He does not see us as a specific age. He sees us as how we are on the inside. When we are longing for someone to love us, God is longing to have a better relationship with us. We can not have a relationship with someone who loves us as unconditionally as God does. If I keep coming back to this topic, it's because I, as a young, starry-eyed girl want to have a relationship with someone where they love me unconditionally, and maybe not even that much. I just want to love someone who loves me back, will put up with my silly faults, admires me for liking kids, guns, knives and dirtbikes, and wants to be with me. And guess what? God does all those things and more!

God is a God of power, but He's also a God of love. Ultimate love. So if you're ever feeling burnt out over a relationship, simply turn to Him. He's there waiting for you! Even if you haven't hurt yourself in a relationship, turn to Him. He will give you a better love than anyone else in this world can.

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Perspicacity said...

Beautiful dear, beautiful!